What to expect on the first day of lessons

By September 27, 2014General, Skiing, Snowboarding

The first day can be full of excitement and anxiety for many of our students (and parents for that matter). Many have said the first day can be the equivalent to herding cats. When I look around the meeting area filled with class signs, ski and snowboard equipment, instructors, supervisors, teaching assistants, volunteers, parents and students it can at times seem a bit, shall we say, chaotic?

To help navigate your way through the crowds please follows these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you received your email confirmation upon registering. If you did not see it in your inbox check your junk mail.
  2. Arrive early! Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the mountain. Traffic and changing weather and road conditions can extend your travel time.
  3. When arriving to the Ski Masters Chalet, find your name on the list posted outside the building. This list will tell you what class number you are in. We will have friendly staff available to help you if you are not on the list or cannot find your name. Please be patient. After you find your class number you can go to your numbered sign to meet your instructor and other students in your class.
  4. Double check that you have all of your clothing, equipment, your LIFT TICKET or SEASONS PASS and please make sure your child has used the bathroom before lessons start. Bathrooms are located in the bottom of the main lodge across from the ticket windows.

Lastly, have fun!

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