Do lessons include lift tickets?

No. By participating in lessons through ski masters ski and snowboard school you will have the ability to purchase a season pass if you have not purchased one prior to signing up.

Is it cheaper to by a season pass or lift tickets?

In most cases it is cheaper to buy a seasons pass. Season passes are recommended as the Summit has limited lift tickets for any given day. You must take into consideration age, how many times the student plans on skiing/riding, ability (many beginners may not make it to the lift/magic carpet for a couple of lessons. Please refer to the summit lift ticket page for ticket prices.

I wish to cancel. May I receive a refund?

No refunds are given after Jan. 1st. A prorated refund may only be given for documented injuries that result in the inability to participate in the program minus an additional $35 cancellation fee.

If my child misses a day can he/she do a makeup class?

We do not offer make-ups for missed days. We can appreciate things come up and illnesses happen but adding students to other classes can disrupt the dynamics of the group and often cause that class to be too full. Please do your best to make sure you attend all your scheduled lessons.

Does my child need a helmet?

We do not require our students to wear helmets while in class but we do highly recommend them.

What should my child wear?

Please note conditions change on the mountain and your child should be layered appropriately. Base layer (no cotton), a warm insulating layer (again no cotton) and a waterproof outer layer. We also recommend having two pair of gloves as these tend to get wet.

How early should we arrive for lessons?

We recommend you give yourself plenty of time and arrive up to an hour early. This allows for unforeseen traffic, road conditions and weather changes. It takes time to park, gather your gear, walk to the ski school, use the bathroom, etc.

Can we store things in your chalet?

The chalet is for staff use only and can become extremely crowded with staff, quests asking questions and students warming up on the coldest days. Please use the lockers in the main lodge if you need to store gear on the mountain.

What if it rains?

Please remember this is the Pacific Northwest and we do occasionally receive rain during the winter months. Generally if the ski area is operating our ski and snowboard classes will be as well. Please dress accordingly.

May we request to be in a class with a friend?

Absolutely! We know how much fun it is when you are skiing or riding with your best friend(s). Please note you must be of similar age and ability.

Where are the nearest restrooms?

Restrooms are located in the main lodge.

Do you offer private lessons?

We do have private lessons options available. Please call the office to arrange.